Oxford • Abingdon • Milton Park • Didcot • Wallingford

Mondays to Fridays except Bank Holidays


Download the X2 timetable (52kB PDF)

Download the X1/X2 Timetable (110kB PDF)

Recent changes to your X1/X2 service

The new look X2 service has been extended to operate to Wallingford from Oxford, Milton Park and Didcot.

As well as providing a new hourly Abingdon to Wallingford link, the enhanced X2 timetable means buses will run hourly into the evening, with services from Oxford operating until 2320.

Saxton Road in Abingdon has received a 30 minute frequency to Oxford and Didcot with the X1 and X2 services. The extended X2 service replaces the 36 route from Didcot to Wallingford. Wilding Road will not be served by the X2 and instead will be served by the 136 town service.