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Service changes from 6th July 2015

From 6th July timetables in the Science Vale area will be revised.

  • Grove loop service 1 will be withdrawn, however Monday to Friday journeys will be replaced by equivalent journeys on new service 38A. Following the end of County Council funding at the end of May, the Sunday service will be unfortunately be withdrawn. For the timetable please visit the 
  • Service X33 will be withdrawn, however these journeys will be replaced between Didcot and Wantage by X1/X32 trips.
  • Buses previously operating as 32 will now be re-numbered X32
  • X2 timetable will be revised to improve reliability.
  • X1/X32/X34 Sunday and late evening journeys on X1 will be withdrawn following the end of County Council funding from the end of May.
  • An enhanced service will be provided between Didcot Parkway station and Harwell Campus. X1/X32 buses will operate every fifteen minutes Monday to Friday daytime with one X1 and one X32 per hour continuing in each direction to Oxford and Wantage. This new, improved service will be rebranded as 'connector'. For further information on these services please visit the 

X1/X32 (connector) Mondays to Fridays except Public Holidays (582kB PNG)

X1/X32 (connector) Saturdays (309kB PNG)

X1/X32 (connector) Sundays and Public Holidays (118kB PNG)

Download the X1/X32 (connector) Timetable - Valid from 6th July 2015 (41kB PDF)