Oxford • Abingdon • Didcot • Harwell • Wantage

Mondays to Fridays except Public Holidays


Download the X1/X32 timetable (64KB, PDF)

Recent changes to your X1/X32 service

On 8th December 2013, the new X1 service commenced operating between Oxford, Didcot, Harwell and Wantage.

In addition to the X32 and X2 routes, passengers travelling between Oxford and Didcot now receive up to three buses an hour, with the X1 and X2 operating up to every 30 minutes via Abingdon and the X32 direct via the A34.

Services X1 and X32 also provide a 30 minute frequency between Didcot, Harwell Campus and Wantage. routeX1 provides Sutton Courtenay with an hourly service to Oxford, Abingdon and Didcot. The new X1/X32 routes replace the 32 services, meaning Thames Travel only operate to Grove on Sundays. Service X34 provides a non stop service between Oxford and Harwell Campus.