• Chatty Bus - 29th January 2019

    Fancy a chat? On 29th January our 'Chatty Bus' will be Thames Travel Route 41.

On 29th January 2019 we're launching our first 'Chatty Bus', in response to the Government’s Loneliness Strategy. With three-in-10 Britons going at least one-day-a-week without speaking to anyone close to them, we want to do something to encourage everyone to talk to those around them.

On 'Chatty Bus' day, between 9.30 am and 3.00 pm, buses on Thames Travel Route 41 will be our designated 'Chatty Bus', where we will have staff on board ready to start conversations with fellow passengers who would like a chat.

We'll provide badges for those who want to signify that they would like to join in the conversation. And we won't disturb passengers who prefer not to take part.

Overcoming loneliness improves the health and wellbeing of our local residents and as such, we believe this is a campaign we should all get behind.

So, fancy a chat? Hop on board Thames Travel Route 41 on 29th January and we'll look forward to talking with you!

Please click here for details of Thames Travel Route 41.

For more information, please download this GoAhead Group 'Chatty Bus' information leaflet (PDF).