• Everyone’s health and safety is our top priority.

    When you travel, please follow our COVID-19 bus travel guidance to help keep you and our colleagues safe.

Please help us to help you by...

  • Don’t travel unwell

    If you feel unwell, please don’t travel. If you have coronavirus-like symptoms, stay at home and call 111 if you need help.

  • Plan ahead

    Plan ahead and try to travel at off-peak times where possible using our prediction tool When2Travel.

  • Face covering

    Government advice is to wear a face covering in crowded places, such as public transport. Please respect those who want to continue wearing a face covering and those who choose not to.

    Click here for more details
  • Avoid cash payment

    Pay by contactless, Freeflow, the key or the app if you can. If you need to use cash, try to have the right change.

  • Seat safely

    All seats are now available for use - however, please respect other passengers' personal space. If you don't need to sit directly next to or facing another passenger, try to avoid doing so.

  • Help the ventilation

    Please keep the windows opened if it’s possible to help ventilation on-board the bus.

  • Take your newspaper with you

    Take your Metro newspaper with you when you leave the bus.

  • Wash your hands

    Keep practising good hand hygiene. Carry hand sanitiser and clean your hands regularly.