• Return of further normal service levels

    From Saturday 4th July 2020, most services return to normal timetables with a few exceptions.

Last updated: 07/07/2020

We are pleased to announce that following the government advice, from Monday 1st June 2020, we increased the number of services and journeys we operate to match the new levels of demand and allow customers to effectively practice social distancing measures. From Saturday 4th July 2020, as lockdown measures are eased further, most of our bus services are able to return to normal service levels with a few exceptions.

 As the levels of demand increase, it is very important that our customers familiarise themselves with COVID-19 safety guidance when travelling by bus.

The situation in relation to COVID-19 is fast-moving and this may result in further timetable changes. As soon as these are confirmed, we will communicate the information to our customers here.

From Saturday 4th July, we largely returns to normal timetables, but with some minor exceptions as set out below.

A normal Monday to Friday timetable operates on all routes with the following exceptions:

  • Routes 33, 45, 67, 99 and 136: Journeys that operate on "school days only" are not running whilst trips that operate during "school holidays only" are in operation on these routes.
  • Routes X2, X32 and X40: Journeys that operate on Fridays only don't operate. X2 and X40 journeys that operate Mondays to Thursdays only also operate on Fridays.
  • Route ST2: The first journey to the JR Hospital continues to start from Wytham, Field Station at 0700 before continuing as per the normal timetable from Frideswide Square at 0713.
  • Sorry, the 96, BB1/BB1A/BB1B, BB2, BB4, BB5, NX2 and NX40 services don't not operate.

A normal Saturday timetable operates on all routes with the exception of the following services:

  • Route X2: The 2243 journey operating from Wallingford terminates at Abingdon, Stratton Way.
  • Route X32: The 0223 journey operating from Didcot to Oxford don't operate.
  • Route X40: The 2315 journey operating from Reading terminates at Wallingford, Market Place.
  • Sorry, the NX2 and NX40 services don't operate.

A normal Sunday timetable operates on all routes apart from the X2 and X40:

  • Route X2: Service operates up to every hour to a special timetable (available to view below)
  • Route X40: Journeys operating from Oxford City Centre are starting from St Aldates instead of Westgate.

X2 - COVID-19 Timetable from 4th July 2020 (PDF, 141KB)

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