• Service Changes from 21st October 2018

    From Sunday 21st October, changes will be made to your services 94/94S, 136 and T1. We’ll also be reintroducing service 41.

NEW Service 41

This new service will reintroduce a town service for Abingdon with funding support from Abingdon Town Council. The service will operate hourly inter-peak on Mondays to Fridays. The route in Abingdon will be similar to the previous 41, but will continue cross-town via Audlett Drive and Hadland Road to White Horse Leisure Centre.

View 41 Timetable - Valid from 21st October 2018 (PDF, 159KB)

Service 94/94S

Unfortunately due to low usage, the first two and last two journeys will be withdrawn each day. The 94C variant will be withdrawn with all journeys now operating as either 94 or 94S. Following customer feedback about the 94S service, the morning 94S journey will follow the same loop as the evening 94S between Sandringham Road and North Moreton. Passengers that have a longer journey to Didcot in the morning will have a shorter journey from Didcot in the evening and vice versa.

View 94/94S Timetable - Valid from 21st October 2018 (PDF, 27KB)

Service 136

Service 136 will have a minor re-time with the current 0851 journey from Cholsey Meadows operating ten minutes earlier throughout. This change is at the request of Cholsey Parish Council, in order to make the service suitable for pupils travelling from Cholsey Meadows to Cholsey Primary School. The current 0845 from Wallingford to Cholsey and 0925 from RAF Benson will also be re-timed ten minutes earlier throughout.

View 136 Timetable - Valid from 21st October 2018 (PDF, 57KB)

Service T1

Service T1 will be revised with an enhanced Monday to Friday timetable as a result of funding from housing development in Stadhampton. The revised timetable provides a new 0845 arrival in to Oxford City Centre from Chalgrove. There will also be more journeys to and from Watlington. Evening peak journeys from Oxford will depart five minutes later than previously.

View T1 Timetable - Valid from 21st October 2018 (PDF, 63KB)