• 45, 95/95B service changes

    From Monday 7th June 2021, we made some changes to your 45 and 95/95B services.

The main changes are that the current school holiday only journeys in the 45 timetable will now have similar journeys that operate on school days. These journeys will replace the 45S school bus which has been withdrawn. All journeys on the 45 service will be available to all members of the public.

The 08:48 hrs journey from Culham Science Centre to Abingdon, which had very low usage, has been withdrawn.

Other journeys on the 45 and 95/95B services have been re-timed to improve reliability.

45 Timetable - Valid from 7th June 2021 (PDF, 45KB)

95/95B Timetable - Valid from 7th June 2021 (PDF, 44KB)