• Service Changes from 1st and 9th September 2019

    From Sunday 1st September, your BB1/BB1A/BB1B, BB2 and 94S timetables will be changing. From Monday 9th September, changes will also be made to your 41 Abingdon town service, and we’ll be introducing a new service 45.

Revisions from 1st September 2019

From Sunday 1st September, changes will be made to some of your school day only services in the Didcot area.

BB1/BB1A/BB1B - A new route variant BB1B will be introduced starting in Berinsfield and operating via Clifton Hampden and Culham to Abingdon and then via the normal BB1 route. Buses will be retimed to arrive at Didcot Schools 10 minutes later than before.

BB1/BB1A/BB1B Timetable - Valid from 1st September 2019 (PDF, 33KB)

BB2 - In the morning, the BB2 buses will start at Berinsfield, Health Centre. Passengers from Berinsfield, War Memorial will be able to use the new BB1B bus (see above) to travel to Didcot. The BB2 will be retimed to arrive at Didcot Schools 10 minutes later than before.

BB2 Timetable - Valid from 1st September 2019 (PDF, 25KB)

94S - Afternoon 94S journeys will have a revised route and timetable in Didcot. From St Birinus School buses will operate via Queensway, Park Road, Foxhall Road, Brasenose Road, Slade Road, Wantage Road, Foxhall Road and Station Road to Didcot Parkway and then via the current route. Passengers who used to catch the bus at Manor Crescent can board the bus at a new stop on Brasenose Road, near the junction with Freeman Road.

94/94S Timetable - Valid from 1st September 2019 (PDF, 32KB)

Revisions from 9th September 2019

From Monday 9th September, there will be some changes to your services in the Abingdon area.

41 - A revised timetable will be introduced with some additional afternoon journeys.

41 Timetable - Valid from 9th September 2019 (PDF, 169KB)

New 45 - A new service, linking Abingdon town centre with Culham Science Centre, will be introduced. The service will operate at peak times on Mondays to Fridays with an extra afternoon trip operating on Fridays. Buses will depart from Abingdon Stratton Way stop A1 and the last stop on the route will be the main reception of Culham Science Centre. Return buses will start from outside Culham Conference Centre before returning to Abingdon.

45 Timetable - Valid from 9th September 2019 (PDF, 178KB)

Revised timetables for these services will be published here in due course.