• ST1/ST1A, 45 Service Changes

    From Sunday 5th January 2020, changes will be made to the ST1/ST1A and 45 services.


The ST1 service will have a revised timetable. The 0730, 0755 and 0820 departures from Oxford, Broad Street will operate as a new route variant ST1A. This will follow the existing ST1 route from Oxford to the A34 and then instead of exiting the A34 at Milton Interchange it will continue to Chilton Interchange before doubling back to Harwell Campus. Passengers that currently catch these buses at Milton Heights Turn will need to catch an X2 bus to Didcot Parkway before changing to an X32/33/98 bus to Harwell Campus. Passengers that currently catch these journeys at Milton Hill, The Pack Horse will need to catch an X32/33/98 bus from Rowstock Corner, a 15-minute walk away. The ST1A will enter Harwell Campus via Fermi Avenue and will operate direct to the Becquerel Avenue terminus serving stops at Eighth Street (European Space Agency) and Diamond Light Source on the way. Passengers for Rutherford Avenue and Curie Avenue will be able to stay on the bus at the Becquerel Avenue terminus and alight at these stops on the next journey back towards Oxford City Centre.

In the morning, ST1 and ST1A buses that depart Oxford, Broad Street before 0900 will not serve Redbridge Park and Ride. Passengers from Redbridge to Harwell Campus at this time of day are advised to catch the bus from Canning Crescent, a five-minute walk away, instead.

There will be no changes to the route for buses from Harwell Campus.

ST1/ST1A Timetable - Valid from 5th January 2020 (PDF, 601KB)


An extra morning journey will be added to the 45 service. This will depart from Abingdon, Stratton Way at 0658. On school days, this will operate via the A415 to Berinsfield via Clifton Hampden. This journey will also serve the main road bus stop at Culham Science Centre. During school holidays, the bus will depart Abingdon two minutes later at 0700 and will operate to the Guard House at Culham Science Centre.

45 Timetable - Valid from 5th January 2020 (PDF, 197KB)