Queen Street Closure (16th May 2017 - further notice)

From Tuesday 16th May until further notice, Castle Street and Queen Street in Oxford City Centre will be closed. This will mean that our X2/X32/X34 and X39/X40 services will be affected, with stopping arrangements being temporarily revised for the duration of this closure.

X2/X32/X34 towards Oxford

Buses will be unable to drop off on Castle Street or Queen Street. As a result, services will continue up St Aldates, terminating at bus stop G1 (next to St Aldates Church).

These services will then turn around at the Plain roundabout and depart from the normal St Aldates stops H1 and H4 as usual.

X32 buses serving Parks Road will divert via Oxpens Road, Park End Street, Worcester Street and George Street, where it will continue along normal route. This route will return back to normal from 22nd May 2017.


The X39/X40 services coming from Reading/Wallingford will need to divert via Iffley Road and as such they will be unable to serve their regular stops along Abingdon Road and Castle Street.

These stops will include (Oxford bound only): opposite Canning Crescent, opposite Chatham Road, adjacent to Lincoln Road, adjacent to Lake Street, adjacent to Newton Road, adjacent to Whitehouse Road, Police Station P2 and Castle Street E1.

We will provide a drop-off only option along the diversionary route on Iffley Road.

Passengers wishing to travel from Reading/Wallingford to Abingdon Road are allowed to remain on the bus and be dropped off on its return route from Oxford.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.