Connecting North Moreton, Didcot, Blewbury and East Hagbourne.

Mondays to Saturdays, except Public Holidays.

IMPORTANT: From Sunday 3rd January 2021, your 94 service was revised, with buses operating from Didcot Parkway to East Hagbourne in the same way as previously. From East Hagbourne, buses operate direct to Blewbury and then via Upton to Chilton and Harwell Campus. Buses towards Didcot follow the same route in reverse. There are no changes to the 94S buses on school days. 

94 Timetable - Valid from 3rd January 2021 (PDF, 39KB)

94 Timetable - Valid from 3rd January 2021 (PNG, 540KB)

(Fares below are for the 94 services only.)

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Real time travel information for our services is available via the Oxfordshire County Council Oxontime website.

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