ST1 Science Transit Shuttle

Connecting Oxford to Harwell fast - every 30 minutes.

This service started operating from 15th July 2019. Find out more.

IMPORTANT: From Monday 1st June 2020, our bus service levels increased. This affects your ST1 service. To see how your service operates, please click here.


ST1 and ST2 route maps (PDF, 481KB)

Information and map for ST1 connections to Old Road Campus and the JR Hospital (PDF, 360KB)


ST1 Timetable - Valid from 5th January 2020 (593KB, PDF)

ST1 Timetable - Valid from 5th January 2020 (600KB, PNG)

IMPORTANT: From Sunday 5th January 2020, changes were made to your ST1/ST1A timetables. Click here for details.

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