Connecting Oxford, Wallingford, Henley-on-Thames and Reading.

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IMPORTANT: From Sunday 7th February 2021, the River Rapids X38/X39/X40 services temporarily operate to a Sunday timetable on Saturdays with a few additional journeys to match the levels of demand during the third national lockdown.

The additional journeys are as follow:

  • Towards Reading: one trip from Market Place (Wallingford) at 06:33 hrs and one trip from Westgate (Oxford) at 06:30 hrs. Also, the 07:50 hrs, 08:12 hrs and 08:45 hrs journeys from Market Place (Wallingford) start operating from Westgate (Oxford) at 06:59 hrs, 07:22 hrs and 07:52 hrs. These journeys provide additional connections between Wallingford and Oxford City Centre.
  • Towards Oxford City Centre: one trip from Market Place (Wallingford) at 06:20 hrs, two trips from Station Road (Reading) at 06:15 hrs and 07:07 hrs and one trip from Hart Street (Henley-on-Thames) at 07:48 hrs. Also, the 08:42 hrs trip from Market Place (Wallingford) starts operating from Station Road (Reading) at 08:00 hrs, providing an additional connection.

The Mondays to Fridays and Sundays timetables that changed on 30th August 2020 are not affected. All NX40 journeys remain suspended. 

River Rapids X38/X39/X40 Timetable - Valid from 7th February 2021 (PDF, 425KB)

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Real time travel information for our services is available via the Oxfordshire County Council Oxontime website.

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