• Science Transit Shuttle

    ST1 and ST2 services connecting Oxford to Harwell fast, plus JR Hospital, Old Road Campus, Oxford Rail Station and Wytham.

IMPORTANT: From Monday 23rd March 2020, we will be temporarily reducing bus services as part of our response to the fast-moving COVID-19 pandemic. This also affects your ST1 and ST2 services. To see how your services will operate, please click here.

Welcome to your Science Transit Shuttle ST1 and ST2 services.

The old X34 service was incorporated into the ST1 service from July 2019, initially using existing Thames Travel fleet vehicles on this route.  Then in September 2019, your brand new fleet of ST1 and ST2 buses commenced service.


Oxford to Harwell fast - every 30 minutes.

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JR Hospital, Old Road Campus, University Science Area, Oxford Rail Station, Seacourt P&R and Wytham.

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View the ST1 and ST2 route maps (PDF, 481KB)

View information and map for ST1 connections to Old Road Campus and the JR Hospital (PDF, 360KB)