Abingdon County Hall Museum

The Abingdon County Museum tells the story of one of England’s oldest towns, where you can see one of the last MGB Roadsters to come off the Abingdon factory production line, and discover why bun throwing is so significant to the town! The museum is open 10:00-16:00hrs Tuesday-Sunday and on Bank Holiday Mondays*.

*To avoid disappointment, please check with the venue before travelling.

Your nearest bus stop is around 110 metres from the Abingdon County Hall Museum.

  • Abingdon County Hall Museum

    Your nearest bus stops.

High Street

  • 33 - Sutton Courtenay, Milton, Didcot and Wallingford.

Stratton Way

  • 45 - Abingdon, Culham Science Centre, Berinsfield, Littlemore and Cowley Centre
  • X2 - Oxford, Abingdon, Milton Park and Didcot

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