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In response to numerous customer requests, we have made available a selection of through tickets available to help you get from Berinsfield to Abingdon more easily. It's easy - simply board the X39/X40 at Berinsfield Lay-by towards Oxford, then change onto a routeX2, cityX3, cityX13, city4 or city35 towards Abingdon. You can transfer in Oxford City Centre as well as all stops along the Abingdon Road, up to and including Redbridge park and ride. There are singles, returns and 10-trips available. There are singles, returns and 10-trips available. See the fare calculator below for details.

Download the new X39/X40 timetable – Valid from 31st August 2015 (44KB PDF)

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Real time travel information for our services is available via the Oxfordshire County Council Oxontime website.

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